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Non-EU performers don't get a license anymore (new rule this year).

We are busy fighting this - and more, see other thread in this same section (Amsterdam street performers protest against city council - 08-05-04) and our web site

You *could* just perform without a license. Apparently police is not too rough at this time, but they do come around and check sometimes, I think mostly because of the high concentration of breakdance crews performing on leidseplein with (too loud?) music.

Police will basically just stop your show, not confiscate your stuff or fine you. I don't dare to advice you in this, but I would say risk is 'bearable'.

Lotery (draw) times are at 6pm, and for daytime pitches also at 1pm. As long as you respect the pitch ;-) we don't care if you are licensed or not.

Available pitch time is one show of say 45 min. maximum. Off-times, when crowd drawing is a bitch, you can take a bit longer.


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