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What keeps me alive and afloat is some sort of " zeitgeist" - I think this is the word for 'spirit of the place/time" It's like I AM A PART OF THE CULTURE. Of course New Orleans culture - this is HOME, but wherever i go I feel like I BELONG HERE... It is sooo contrasrt to my usual feeling of not belonging anywhere, being a total misfit, lost on foreign planet, but when I am being a "Rainbow Lady" painting faces - everybody loves me, and tells me how great of a job I do, and do you have a card, we want you for a party etc etc - so even if I am totally depressed it lifts up my spirit! I felt really down yesterday when I posted this thread, but today was really good day, last day of French Quarter Fest, and it was a fun scene in the Quarter! Bless yall!

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