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Lurk need him why?
Why is it important to you to have a protege?
He has little to show for his initial startup, he's got no money, you have. He's burnt through your old contact list- you've gone on to develop something else.
You have given him structure and energy and he's filled in for you when needed.
The friendship aside, he's a vampire and you're a donor.
I feel that you have just developed a new gig and its looking exceptional. You think he'll be able to crash it anyway? If not keep it to yourself for at least a years research and development.If he can pay his buck for the season and compete then you have a compeditor, make whatever informal relationship you want. Divide the market, whatever. I still don't understand why you think you owe him anything. Focus on the gig. Energy spent fretting about him is energy wasted.
See you don't even know what the gig's worth yet and your thinking of expanding.
If it can handle it fine, offer him a contract, with guarantees, he works for you, you take a reasonable cut/fee, you keep him busy, you increase his earnings, you give him bonus's, you make it so he realises he's better off with you than on his own. Its more work which gets you back to my first question, you need him why?

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