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Canada The Soo Rocks!

This was a rocking little festival.
The line up was Bike Boy, Spring Action, Squid, Mr. Burns, USA Breakdancers and myself.
The highlight for me was bike boys choice of volunteer at the late night show: an afro-asian-canadian-mentaly chalanged-homosexual-small person. WTF was he thinking? Very funny and in all honesty he was never rude to the man, and it was probably a real treat for him to get a chance to be involved. Good fun.
Also fun was the "you just met geoff cobb so you must, must must watch Grizzly Man" evening at the hotel.
Show wise; for the size of the crowds the hats where amazing and the crowds willingness to play along was great.
I would certainly go back.

(On a side not it was also my first trip to Canada since being turned away at the border a year ago, all went well. Sorry again Phil.)

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