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Guitar The Holy Grail PA system ? The Stuffed Thing….

Hi - I thought some of you might like to hear about a new PA system I have designed. As a street performer for 10 years working with shows dependant upon tiny, hidden, loud PA systems, I have explored the world of opportunities of what is and isn’t available. From my earliest performances I knew I would have to design my own system as there was simply nothing small, light and powerful enough for what I needed. Years of research and development led to using equipment that amazed people and performed pretty well.

In 2008 I decided both for my own use and for other performers I, along with an electronic and acoustic engineer, would design from scratch a brand new system that used state of the art worldwide components. The result is the ‘Stuffed Thing’. I do honestly believe that it is the best PA system in the world for many street performers - it’s also a great PA system for many other applications. It is super lightweight, tiny, very loud, has a long battery Life, and HI-Fi quality sound….so it should tick all the required boxes. According to current CAA guidelines you can fly with it as well.

Some reviews…..

"I started to play the Stuff and Things system in the Belfast Circus School and was besieged by street performers interested in how such a great sound could come from such a small system. Extensive testing over the next two days only served to reinforce their interest. I have never seen such enthusiasm for a sound system in twenty years in the business. This system is going to be the standard for the Festival of Fools – easy to transport, easy to operate and fantastic sound.”
Will Chamberlain, Director, Festival of Fools

"Hi Nick, I picked up the parcel this morning and we have heard the glory that is the stuffed thing! Great.....
The quality is very crisp and clear."

Sue Auty, Whalley Range All Stars

"The volume was truly miraculous – particularly for such little boxes! So yes I am very happy with the system and reckon it’s definitely worth the money. I have put together all sorts of sound systems over the years, for my different acts and walkabouts, using off the shelf units so I know something about the problems and limitations of portable gear and can appreciate what you’ve achieved with this set up."
Bernie Bennett

"It sounds wonderful. We tried it out at the weekend, V loud and great quality."
Mandy, Grand Theatre of Lemmings

These are for sale from England – they aren’t cheap, but if you need sound that Fender Amp Cans, Taxis, Limos etc can’t deliver for various reasons then this is probably what you have been looking for. For more details go to


20cm x 19cm x 12cm
Measured at 38W RMS per channel at distortion point (total 76W RMS / 140W Peak with two speaker system)
(variants can give up to total 400W peak)
Li-ion Battery

Nick Warburton.
AKA Edmond Tahl.
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