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Default My successful Cirque audition pt 2.

Arrived at the casual hour of 2pm just as the last individual was being sympathetically and with due respect led from the group.
There were now six remaining with the additional three making nine
people in total.

I guessed correctly that this was the final selection. We sat and watched for an hour as those 6 had further exercises then a choreographer arrived and we all got put through our paces.
I was terrible, the worst, I have great body memory but initially learning choreography is all in the head.
It was simple really, eight counts and two counts and run this way and do this then run that way and do that and then skip this way and do this with your arms then do that with your arms then reverse your skip and same again with the arms and then spin thus and reach and grasp and slow clench and crouch.
I’ve worked with dancers before and always admired their quicksilver ingestion of instruction and their ability to just get it down so quickly.
I lumber about internally screaming,
“Just give me a set of instructions and two hours by myself, oh god I’m so shit at this. “
I was so embarrassed that passing motorists were inexplicably blushing as they passed the building.
After we had done the piece in a group we had to do it in twos, I was left till last and rejoined by one of the woman who ‘d already done it because we were odd numbered.
I got completely lost twice and would have jumped out the fifth story window had there only been one in the room.

After this I was asked to get ready to do some stilt work. Again the relief was strangely hollow after such psychic disembowelment.
Still, I showed them how I could skip rope on stilts, how I could get down onto a folding chair and up again and various stilt dance vocab.
We then went through the last stage down now to eight as one guy whose specialty was vocal was excused.
Our next task was to stare into a camera and change expressions as we were peppered with words.
We had to speak to camera and show our ability to stretch major ligaments.
We also had to state our names, where we were from, sing if we wanted to
and describe why we wished to work for Cirque.
Some things I didn’t say were.

“Because I want a Mini with all the extras.”

“Because I’m tired of working in the rain.”

“Because with my experience and your name on my resume I could go back to New Zealand and live off government arts grants for the rest of my life.”

What I did say I’m going to keep to myself but it was just as truthful.
We were then given a sheet of paper that read.

“Congratulations! You have passed the first step! We are adding your name to our bank of possible candidates. This does not constitute an immediate commitment on our part. This means that you may be selected for a position in which your particular expertise is required.” Then followed instructions regarding passports and info updates and it finished with. “Be patient...and good luck!”

So that was it.
Eight people were left out of fifty.
Eight people with pieces of paper and hopes and dreams intact.
Many who had not continued to the end were awesomely talented and all of the 50 were brave.
I had made it to the end and the strange sense of fulfillment, relief, exhaustion and pride; Could almost be called happiness.
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