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Originally posted by TCsteinberg
Bottom line, whatever cruise lines your agency submitted you to, stay loyal & don't have another agent submit you.
If the other agency wants to submit you to a different line, no problem. It's important to be honest with these agents at the get-go, so there are no questions or mis-conceptions later on.
This is great advice. I do different cruise lines with different agents and have yet to have a problem because I have been very upfront with them from the start. The cruise ship entertainment community is smaller than you would think and generally speaking all the agents know each other and the acts they represent. A good agent will respect the fact that as a performer you need to work, regardless of who books you. Some agents demand exclusivity, which personally I don't mind, as long as they reciprocate the exclusivity.

Email me off-forum which lines you are on & maybe we can swap stories in Belize or somewhere.

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