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DON'T do it. They should fly you in, accomodate you and pay you for your services. Cruise ships have also allowed me a guest (as long as they pay for their transportation to and from the port)

Here's why I say turn it down:

I now perform at the King Richard's Renaissance Festival and have repete contracts with them. When I first sent them my demo tape a couple of years ago and they called me and said that I had sent it in too late and that they had already allocatted all of their performers budget but they would LOOoooOOve to have me, so would I would be willing to perform for only passing the hat. I said nope and passed. They hired me the next year, paid me what I wanted and are bringing me back.

This is why I said NO:

a) they were PAYING other performers so I should be paid as well

and (most importantly)

b) If you are not paid what you are worth it is EXTREMELY detrimental to other performers. When it comes time to contract negotiations, they could turn to the other performers and say... "Well, you may want $$$$ plus passing the hat, but I can get THIS guy who is just as good and he'll do it for ONLY the hat!" It won't be long before the bar is lowered and we are ALL screwed, my friend.

The cruise industry HAS the money (believe me they do) so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE think about the long run and the other performers in the community. Solidarity.

Work on your act, work on your promo (ESSENTIAL for cruise ships) and stick to your guns.

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