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I've had a google work search catchment rigged for I suppose about 2 years now. Every day i get 10-30 different links that contains the words, 'street festival, street performance festival, buskers, buskers festival and a few other tags.

They automatically get shovelled into a folder which now has a staggering amount of data regarding festivals international and regional,

I started to look at filing programs but got discouraged at the enormity of the task.

Raw info is easy to get and there are a few good fest listing sites out there.
don't make me look them up, google.

But a tiered schedule cross checkable by month and location with confirmed contact details for each. Thats a code monkey slog.

I'd do it for about 20 grand and it would take me 6 months and i'd want half the money up front.

That kind of work is what seperates the improvisers from the career architechs.
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