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Part of the reason why the information is so difficult to make useful (notice I didn't say that it's difficult to find) is that it is contained incompletely in so many places, duplicated, to different granularity. Lemme give you a Canadian ferinstance...

Do you want info on fairs in Canada? You might try looking at a National industry association like here:

Do you want an easily searchable database where you can find listings of festivals by month or community? You might find a region/province/state/country has that info as part of it's tourism strategy like here:

Want something more than just fairs? There are other industry associations that are organized by geography:

There are also international associations:

While the big associations on the surface appear to offer more comprehensive information, you must realize that festivals need to pay to belong (and be listed) and the fees for some of these groups are well beyond the reach of individual small community events. Many, many events go unlisted there that are prime sources of work for you.

I've been a member of all of these groups, except the first, at one point or another - for many years, to all simultaneously - and I'm not always sure where to go to get good up-to-date and useful information.

None of those groups will coordinate their information with others, since that information is their inherent value - and processing it in various ways is how they earn (hypothetically) their fees.
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