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Great to hear from you Rob! It's kind of amazing to me how few of us are still left performing.

I forgot to mention in the last post info about the actual board.

Although I am a fan of most of u/v equipment, the board that comes with their rolla bollas I find to be crappy. The rubber on the bottom is kind of slippery and the boards are a weird kind of particle board and I even split one in two. They are pretty light weight which is good, however. Also, different people have different tastes in equipment so this is one where you would make your own judgement.

Personally I make my own boards out of birch plywood and the rubber I put on the bottom is actually belting used for haybailers. This makes the board somewhat heavier, but it is indestructable and the grip is incredible. I no longer put any kind of grip tape on the top of the board as it would destroy shoes and made tricks where you slide your feet on the board a lot harder.

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