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Lee Nelson
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Hey there, I have been doing 5 stack for a couple of years and found your breakdown of the elements really interesting as it made me consider and understand some of the things I had been doing instinctively.
I was practicing today and I realized I have a couple of issues with my technique I have never really been sure about.

1. Feet placement. I kind of point my toes outwards not directly forewards. Is this the best way?
2. Knees, I change between slightly bent and dead straight. My experiments today told me that straight legs made for a better balance. Thoughts?

On another note...
I always look at the base of my stack when I am doing 5 but can look anywhere for all the other variations.
I find it insanely helpful to always concentrate on keeping my torso directly centred over the "line" of balance regardless of where my feet might be.
I have broken a Unicycle board doing jumps.
I use the unicycle stack.

Any help appreciated.
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