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Well Dan, you made the right decision. I was the last Magician standing, and I so looked forward to working along side you, and all the other acts that you mentioned, raising my Show to another level, and seeing if I could perform with the big boys and gals. I too had visions of Busker Festivals of Windsor past, and seeing myself wowing, the large cheering audience, and Hats for a job well done.

Then it started, my 1st show, Friday at 6pm, with not much signs of a crowd, I was asked by the Producer to do my show in the Bar/Eatery, since she had paid for food and a drink for a little Festival send off, some Entertainment would be nice, if I didn't mind? At that point I knew that she still doesn't have a clue about what Busking is all about and that a per diem doesn't allow her to ask for such ridicules things. When I said that I couldn't, she then said, "looks like you will have a good crowd anyway". Whatever....

I did get the biggest crowd and hat the last show on a very Hot Saturday night, and that gave me high hopes for the rest of the Festival. hahahha

It was Great working beside Guy Collins and liqueur Flambe, and getting to talk shop and ask some questions. I was so hoping to hang out with the others that were supposed to show up, but you explained about that. So I look forward to working beside you and the others for the 1st time or again at some future pitch, because this is what I want to do.

As for Windsor,....well see who is running the show and what they have to offer, because I for one, want to see my home city back to its former glory.
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