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The best permit system is NO PERMIT REQUIRED, STREET PERFORMERS WELCOME - which is hard to find in USA nowadays...

From all the places where I worked which do issue permits I prefer Harvard Square in Cambridge MA and on Church Street in Burlington VT.

City Hall in Cambridge issues permits on the spot for 40$ a year and it's "first come first served" for spots on the Square. There are mostly musicians there.

Burlington requires auditioning for the first 5 days, and you have to pay them 5$ a day before setting up, but after that it's 25$ a year forever... but they make you rotate every 2 hours, which is very inconvinient for buskers with a set-up which has to be "re-built" every time you have to move. Burlington is a really nice place to work in summer, unless it gets really hot - then all tourists are on the beach all day, you can only work after sunset... They also have Festival of Fools (buskerfest) and several other festivals. It's a nice town with a lot of artists and hippies, lots of Canadian and NYC/Boston tourists.

Santa Monica CA also issues permits on the spot and have 2 hour rotation, but they do not allow any face-painting or henna, so I have not been there in a long time, not sure how it works nowadays.
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