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Default Alicante and Gandia

Short and simple. Alicante is one of the least attractive cities of all those I have seen here in Spain, the only part of town worth looking at being the Explanada de Espanya which is a pedestrian boulevard in front of the yacht harbour. Performances here are allowed in the mornings only; try anything in the evening and the police moves you on. For weekends only, I suppose although the beginning of the holiday season is close, so...
As for Gandia, it is a town somewhere between the cities of Alicante and Valencia. A refreshing change from working the capitals and a chance to chill out for a while before moving on up to Catalunya. Thusfar the only fellow performers I've come across are one balloon clown and an uncertain number of accordeon players. And as far as the local cops go, they don't seem to mind.
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