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That's kool, I said "if it is a break dance group". I'm just giving you an idea of what's going down out there and why there's so much tention at that pitch. I believe if your in the program in fanuil hall and worked any time that day or weekend in the main pitch some time should be left for other acts who did not work at all that weekend and don't have the luxury of working the main pitch. If my group were there waiting to work but some one that just did a show in the main pitch is in line before me then after that same act has annother show scheduled in the main pitch I would find that unfair and selfish. I would not have any respect for that kind of greed. Since the alternate pitch is on the street's and there's no rules the only way it would work is with comon curtesy for other street act's like your self. To me it's not fair unless every body has the same cards in there hands meaning all of the acts can work both pitches unfortunately that's not the case. the same way you can say "hey they should have auditioned" is the same way those other acts can say why should we wait in a line up this is the streets F that i'm doing my show and they can do it, who's going to stop them? It's the street's public property it's open to anyone there's no rules that say you have to extend curtesy to anyone no matter how many performers get together and try and regulate the pitch. Remember not even the city of Boston could deny some one there right to express themselves that's why that pitch is now open because some one sued the city and won that is why we can work that pitch in the first place you think a couple street acts will be able to overturn a supreme court decision. God bless America!

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