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I've used the Sam Adams pitch the past couple weekends. This past Saturday I was there for six hours straight and never got kicked off. Because I was doing balloons, and there was no other balloon artists.

I've seen what goes on at the show pitch. This past Saturday, Lucky and some other juggler traded off shows. I think they got through two each. In the middle of the other juggler's second show, some guys came over with drums and started making some noise. The juggler told them to quit it; they could play when his show was done. Once he finished, they launched into some drumming/martial arts demonstration that went on forever, so they both took off. Once their crowd was diminishing, a break dancing group started playing their music. They went into their same show over and over again.

People talk about there being no rules on the streets and complain about the greedy faneuil hall performers trying to get "extra" shows, but if there aren't rules on the street, shouldn't they have the same chance as the rest of us to perform?
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