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Hey Eric,

Here is a few of your questions answered, if you need more, email me. I have been there the past two years with Fred.

1. You should not have a problem with immigration, they know that a lot of performers are coming in for the Fringe. Whether you are in a theatre or not is not much matter.
When you get to immigration booth they will ask you why you are in Scotland, tell them you are going to the Fringe Festival. Stamp in your passport and you will be on your way.
To make you feel better you can ask the theater you are performing in to send you a letter stating that you are performing in there venue as a part of the Fringe Festival.
The Fringe is a cultural event and bylaws state that if you are performing at a cultural event no visa is required.

2. To stay cheap and clean and safely...stay at the hostel...get one of the three that are just off the royal mile. They are converted college dorms, so you will have your own room, and depending on where you stay you will have to share a bathroom with either 3 other rooms or there will be multiple bathrooms on a floor for 10 rooms.

if you stay the same place Fred, Paul and myself stayed last year there are only 4 rooms per flat. if you book early, maybe we can all rent one space for the 4 of us that way it is not any strangers.

3. There is a morning draw for the circle shows it happens at 10am every morning. ( I forget the square name, but once you get there ask any performer and they will point you in the right direction.)

4. Make SURE you have liability insurance or you will not be allowed in the draw! That is UK liability insurance. you can get the best deal thru actors equity. It is different than equity in the U.S. and anyone who is a performer may join, then you can be umbrellad automatically under there policy.

5. There are two types of performance venues for the street. Circle and sidewalk.
Circle will have 3 pitches that are scheduled and then the mound is a great unregulated pitch (except regulation by performers) you will be allowed to use your sound here, but not on any of the official fringe pitches.

If you want to do a smaller sidewalk show, you may find that you will get more than the one show per day that the circle pitch will offer you.
Side Walk acts will sometimes get 2 or more shows in a day...but they are smaller time schedules.

There is also Fringe Sunday (usually the second Sunday of Fringe) which is a huge day of promotions in the park and that is another whole story.
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