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Concerning accomadations:
Hostels will run you around twenty three a night for dorm stays. They are not that great and at first may seem a little scary. When or before you get there check the phone book. I perfered the HI hostel at BU. I think is a place to find that kind of info. Anyway the BU place seemed most secure and pretty clean.

The actual circle show pitch for Harvard Sq is in Brattle square. It's on the corner of Brattle street and some other street by "Words Worth Books". If you want more info on the performers there or you want a contact that is at the place, check . I saw some fire going on there but we were careful. It wasn't allowed.

I performed in the common a few times and it was nice but the times I did it were hot and I am not so family oriented. I would get crowds together but the children didn't understand my non-pie-in-the-face type of humor. They won't want you doing fire or knives. That was the only problem I had with the mounties. They didn't like knives. I didn't have a license.

The license thing wasn't really enforced anywhere for me except in front of city hall near Fanieul Hall. It turns out there isn't a license that they would be happy with there but they would shut me down when I couldn't show them one. I was getting a really nice size crowd there and it was great until the middle of my show when the cops came. I didn't pitch it but the people gave me money. I loved that crowd but, I guess I didn't deserve it.

Sorry about the whining.

Quincy market I pirated a few times and was pretty nice to me. I was very careful not to step on anyone's toes. I found out the schedule and figured out when someone wasn't going to show up. I don't feel like I was taking away from the environment. Especially 'cause my hatlines were so bad.

Cambridge has the general performers licence and Boston has a musicians license.


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