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When somebody says "It's not about the money" it's usually about the money, or at least what the money represents.

As for solutions, I'd say that when people are confronted with a situation they're confused about, they don't know how to react. Take the stand-up comic, the woman who has breast cancer. She opened one of her shows, "Thank you thank you thank you, I have cancer." Some people gave nervous laughs, some clapped, but most just sat their mute. How are you supposed to react to something like that?

Well, how do you as a market customer react when you're intent on buying chocolates and ceramic chickens and a clown walks past you pretending to fish with a saxophone? They don't know how to react, so, like the people in the comic's audience, they don't react at all.

Now, I'm not a circle performer or a clown; I'm a street musician who stays in one place playing. I have a hat and a fold-up sign next to it showing a photo of my button accordion and a photo of a fistful of dollar bills, which reads, "Your tips keep music alive". It tells the audience that I survive on tips and that dollar bills are appropriate. People see the sign, reach into their pockets, and give me folding money.
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