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Good Question! The reason the Canadian quarter had so much significance to me was because when I received it, I was recovering from a year and a half of living in Houston, Texas. I could not book my show to save my life in that town. I ended up doing stand-up comedy instead of my normal juggling show to make a living.

Spending a year as a stand-up comedian began as a humbling experience but eventualy served to broaden my abillities as a performer, especially after achieving a modocum of success as a comedian with no props.

When I returned to Boston with my wife and son I was energized in an entirely new way to get out on the pitch and do my juggling show.

That very first show, upon my return to Boston, yielded a Canadian quarter in the hat. Something I hadn't seen for a while (there aren't as many Canadian coins floating around Texas as there are in the north).

So anyway I kept the quarter, I still have it, it's somehow worth more than 19 cents to me, or what ever the exchange rate is for a Canadian quarter, which by the way is practically the same shape and size as a U.S. quarter, but for some reason won't work in any of our vending machines.

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