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Myspace may be alright if you put stuff into a private area then point to it. Problem is, new owners immediately copy the site when purchased. Even if you took off your songs, pics, or whatever from the public area, chances are they have a copy of it since it was part of the site when purchased last July. Listed as a teen site, there's a very real reason why it was bought for $580 million.

These new sites are merely doing the same thing in the hopes of being offered millions in a few years just like The thing is, myspace's new TOS is assuming the rights to property to sell and distribute as they see fit...usually to foreign markets. Perhaps the lawyers realized that US copyright laws don't apply to other countries or have to be registered with each and every country. I read up on US copyright law 20 years ago but it didn't cover foreign countries. Maybe there's another angle but I'm really not interested in conglomerates anyway.

@ Eric = Yes...Busker Central displays videos pointed out to me, given to me by friends, shot by me, asked to use by me, and submitted. Several are private and not available on the net except thru BC. All are displayed freely without even so much as a sign-up required. There are actually over 400 clips and hundreds of more pics in the BC archive. There's one big difference, though. No profit is involved.

@ scot = stfu

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