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Both Nuremberg and Linz have restrictive permit systems in place, even though Linz hosts one of the worlds largest busking festivals every July.
Stuttgart, I don't know. Have been there but didn't try working it. It has a large busy pedestrian shopping street which is dead during summer evenings, but busy in the day.

I'd suggest in summer, smaller towns by large lakes or the seaside might be better.
Regensburg is neither but looks to have a good pitch. Again never worked it, always passing through on transit to a gig. Lot's of tourists and is a university town. Good combo.
Cologne I hear has a good pitch.
I used to work Vienna fairly often and it was boring but paid well. Then they said no amplifiers, no fire and no high apparatus?!. I left and never went back. It was a no permit, battle the breakdancers situation by the church on Stefansplatz.
Had a great show once in the old town of Salzburg. Cops came during and just asked me to turn down my amp, which I did. No problem.

Profitable free and easy pitches are hard to find these days.

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