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What locals helped you, Stickman?

Yesterday, I went to Kuddamm and the local breakdancers were less than helpful, I have to say. They lounge about for half an hour, between 5 minute shows and won't let me do 20 mins. Furthermore, they told me that the good cirle pitch was where the wall used to be. It was just like Southbank, London: twats in costumes wandering around getting their photo taken with tourists for 1. To stand out from these losers, without a LIMO (Anyone that knows me will get what I mean) was hard, let me tell you.
So I finally pull an edge, when the cops come and grab my sword off me, telling me they're illegal in Germany.
I convince them to return it, providing I don't take it in public again.
So today, I did a finaleless show in Kuddamm, (the break-dancers were not in they're usual spot, although there were some corporate, non-busking b-boys not far away, so I waited until they were done) and made less than I did in my first ever street-show, 8 years ago.
Humble Pie, anyone?

Perhaps the weekend will be better...
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