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Yeah, some guy at the pub (not a performer, but a local) said that might be a good idea. Pissing down with rain today, so no shows anywhere for this little black duck!
I've had some pretty bad luck in this city, I have to say and not just in regard to street. But, up until this week, this Euro trip has been fantastic, so I can't really complain.

Thinking I'm going to cut my losses and head to Copenhagen tomorrow, but if the weather is good, I'll have one last crack in the morning, I suppose.

Berlin has given me some stories, but for me they're tragedy. When I tell some of you blokes over a beer, you'll regard them as comedy, I shouldn't wonder!

The idea of a sceond hand tennis raquet also seems to be an alien concept here. I'll try the flea market tomorrow. Haven't done the raquet routine for a while, but it works and without my sword, right now I have no finale.
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