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Thanks for all your comments. One thing I would like to point out is that most promotional photos have only one purpose - to interest enough talent buyers to watch your video.

I am not trying to promote either Richard or the Bad Magic Photo blog. I have no affiliation with either of them and I was merely using them as an example (and I agree with le pire - there is NO need to trashtalk performers on that blog and it's unfortunate that the owner chooses to do so.)

There are promotional picture "styles" that waaay to many people use. There are also pictures that are unique and show a performer's individuality.

What I liked about Richard Faverty is that he captures the performers' unique individuality and at the same time the photos stand apart from other performers. I agree that it may look "dated" and some of them aren't that great but I would definitely choose to look at a promokit of a performer that has a photo from Richard's site over some average picture.

I do appreciate your input about MY blog posts. I am trying to write advice for performers to truly help them (not spam). I believe that there are a lot of bad habits out there in the entertainment world and I try to provide my insight about that.

One of my goals is to write a post at least every other day based on what I see and read in my life.


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