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I had a bad experience with this agency as well, but for me it was bad organization during a gig. Maybe this is not typical, but here's what happened when I did my one and only gig for Cast of Thousands.

Got to the address on the gig sheet to find out that they had given us all the WRONG ADDRESS. Then I tried to call the emergency contact number which was also wrong. The other number on the gig sheet was for the office, and at 8pm on a Saturday there was obviously no one there.

I ended up calling the poor girl that was sick at home that worked for Cast of Thousands and was the only other number I had. She told me the correct address and from there, the rest of the night went smoothly.

After the event it took a little over two months for them to pay me, which wouldn't have bothered me so much, but when I emailed to ask about the time frame it would take to get paid, I got a very rude and short response of "don't know".

So, after trying out this agency I was not impressed either.
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