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Post Stratford upon Avon-This is Gary Animal

Hello People,

Just to let everyone know that Stratford council have put the busking fee up from 10.00 per performer a day to the a stupid 52.00 per day for each busker.
This was on 21st may 2001 and we are not happy nor working.
It seems The agency Crowd Pullers othered 5000.00 for the pitch.This was turned down but made the council realise it's value.A punch and judy man has offered to buy it but only if the buskers are stopped.The could not stop me or the others because we have been there for more than ten yrs and this gives us a legal right.Loop hole being they can charge what they want.
Come to stratford do a show and refuse to pay .You will not be arrested just told to go so don't worry about no working visa.
This weekend may 26th The regulars are going for a show down.Any one around feel free to turn up.
I know we will not win as it is private ground but after so many good years it seems a shame to loose one of the worlds best busking pitches.
Everything was fine until Gazzo came to stay with me.
Will look for new pitch in town.
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