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Hi Gary and co,
thanks for bringing this issue to our attention,
just want to say this should be posted under Specific pitches.. this issue is not Bla ,Bla ,Bla, this is an issue that effects every Busker on the planet and should be discussed as such,
it's a shame that we don't worry if it's not on our door-step,
this is why we should,
the Bancroft is private land owned by a private company and therefore has been quick off the mark to seize a revenue generating opportunity, but this is a president (in the UK atleast) which means that although the Bankcroft is privately owned land ,it won't be long before they set an example for councils and local authorities to impose their own fees for street performers, it already happens to hawkers (market traders),
if this new liscence fee goes ahead, it will prove to other authorities that there's big bucks to be made from street performers,
and things will never be the same again, anywhere,
I support the Stratford artists in protest of these charges , and if they remain 100% united ,I believe with the support of the global community they can prevent this cancer from spreading ...
at the very least ,we should campaign to actually get something for our money ,if I had to pay( 1000 a year)I would want changing facilities ,storage ,basic staging, appropriate audience seating, effective security, a maximum number of liscensed acts,an all weather marquee for rainy days,
and a partridge in a pear tree
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