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Originally Posted by fireperformer911 View Post

Please tell me someplace that is busker friendly.

Thanks Shel
San Francisco is. We also have a tradition of people such as Robin Williams and Robert Shields (a mime) having started on the streets here.

Santa Cruz has an interesting situation. The make a big to-do about limiting busking, but there are actually two designated places to busk, but they don't tell anybody about them outright. You have to inquire to find out the exact spots. Yet, there's a longtime busker, The Great Morgani, who has busked in the "wrong" place for years and gets away with it anyway. Here's a link to him:

I've had a busking license for Santa Monica, which is required apparently. However, I notice that the ordinance mentions all kinds of places there busking is either banned or is regulated, but they specifically don't mention parks, so I think I can rightly assume that parks are perfectly ok.

Los Angeles, especially Venice Beach has a long history of busking without any problem from the authorities, either.

Portland allows busking but at designated places such as at Saturday Market with a signup sheet. I'm sure it's okay at Pioneer Courthouse Square because I've seen it, but I've never attempted it there.
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