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Default Assumption is the mother of all **** ups

Sorry Zoobie and I know this a few years late, but I've been working with greystones as a performer and workshop artist for the past several years. The Festival is non-profit and none of the members get any money as they are all local volunteers. The budget comes from sponsors who live locally and some years they may even get funding from the arts council or association of Irish festivals. All of the money goes on logistics, materials, accomodation, hard costs, importing foreign acts and hiring national acts. As their local parade workshop artist I can tell you that any moneys that ever came my way were soley for the purchase of materials because all the local arts organizations work voluntarily. The committee is made up of local volunteers who do not get a wage and I know the director personally as a friend. She has regularly dug into her own pocket to provide extra money for the festival so I take your suggestion that anyone would pocket money for themselves as a deep insult to the hard work that she or anyone else does.

circulocallejero, Which year was the festival you attended? was it 2005? If so then I had the same problem with the taxis. I used the same company the festival used that year and my taxi never turned up either. When I called them again they told me I had never booked. (I had asked for 8 seat taxi to fit my costumes) when it finally arrived, I had two 4 seat taxis so I ended up paying for two and breaking my costumes trying to fit them in! This is not the festivals fault but the unfortunate problem with many Irish taxi companies. It's not the first time this company has failed me. 80 from greystones to the airport is allot cheaper than it should be. Normally you would pay over 100. You were very lucky with the nice driver that you got. I'm sure the director was sorry and I really don't think she meant to leave it that long to apologise. She Mostly runs the festival by herself because no one else knows how to do it properly after all they are volunteers. That leaves allot of work for her. I don't think the festival was great that year. I think it rained for all 3 days and allot of performances were spoiled.

I'm sorry to say also that the festival has not been running since 2007 due to lack of funding and there is no sign of it starting up again soon. We're trying to think of ideas to get funding but it may be a while. I care about the community in greystones and any of the visitors to the festival and if I had 80 to give then I would be happy to re-imburse you. I'm sorry I didn't get to meet you there. It was my second year with them and I didn't really know anyone.
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