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Default Roadie work...hmmm

I've been hiring interns this year to do a lot of our show's roadie work. I'm working with the local college theatre department, and also with a special program for short-term work experience that actually pays some of the interns' travel and expenses!

If you're willing to genuinely teach someone about what you do (and also, this is easier if you are a duo or multi-person act so you don't get sick of being around your intern by yourself) it can be a really good experience for them as well as for you. My interns learn the basic skills, carry equipment, help with set-up and take-down, sell merchandise and run the cd player. They also do marketing/paperwork/maintenance jobs during the week. In return, I pay them a flat fee (no hat split, even though some of them start doing short show sections with the group), take care of their housing and transportation, and help them learn the skills they are most interested in getting. They also get to travel to cool places and learn about an aspect of theatre they otherwise wouldn't know. Some even get college credit!

And it's even a way to pass on the joy of street that's reincorporation.

Allison Williams
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