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Post legal issues for performers

going on right now...

Get exclusive rights in writing from the photographer who takes your promo shots. If you don't your photographer may use your photos in other commercial ventures as he/she has the authorship!

you can't protect an idea, but you can protect the particular expression of the idea

each of your performances is copyrightable

get the rights to music from ascap and is usually cheap and easy.

health insurance is a deductible expense and only by creating a separate entity (corporation)for yourself.

have good contractual provisions with your agent, it's a notorious area for being taken advantage of.

there's a lot of lousy contracts available on the net, so watch what you download. but there may be provisions you can include in you own contracts.

the owner of a piece of intellectual property must defend their own rights.

international treaties protect your intel prop to a certain extent, there is a way to register your material in a number of countries.

can't protect an idea, but you can patent an physical creation / mechanism - it's expensive though.

compiled by christopher davis, wil allyn, pedro pony man..
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