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Default Edinburgh Fetival petition

To all street performers who have performed or will perform at Edinburgh Fringe. The Edinburgh Fringe is now being driven toward being a "buskers" festival with paid retainers and big acts being given preference over smaller acts.
This year the performers there decided that this new direction damages the heart of what the Edinburgh Fringe is about.
The start of this new direction was a 50 pound rego fee for all individual street performers at the fringe
The 50 rego fee needs to be abolished and some of the performers this year had meetings with the new high street managers to make sure this will not happen again. However there was no clear statement that this will happen.
So we need to rally as many performers as possible to resist this change in direction of the fringe. Please sign on your email or just email as I am compiling a database of Edinburgh Fringe performers to keep us all in the loop about the desicions of the new high street management. Thanks
this message is directly from asher Tea who may self destruct at any given time.
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