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The reason turning Edinburgh from a place where street performers can arrive and work wherever the lottery or their choices take them to a booked buskers festival is twofold.
Firstly Edinburgh has always been a Fringe Fstival that street performers arrive at like any other pitch in the world and perform based on the luck of the draw. There is a sense of equality between all the acts as we are all on the same playing field, no act is valued or treated better than any other. Importantly there is the oppurtunity for newer acts to collabarate and grow in a great environment alongside bigger shows. So the first reson is about cultural sensitivity and respecting what the heart of Edinburgh is about, its a Fringe Festival where street performers can come and perform together.
The second reason is the homogenisation and commerciallisation element. Having a Busking festival usually means big acts with sharp pr will be valued over more eclectic unusual shows. This is usually partnered with more corporate branding and more control in the hands of the management about the content of the festival and the acts there.
The fringe has always worked so well like this it doesn't need to change, the locals and long term performers love it the way it is and I beleive that it should be preserved as a breeding ground for new acts, variety and of course for us to make a bit of coin. It does that in its form at the moment, bigger doesn't mean better and if it aint broken, why fix it?
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