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Hey there. I totally understand that feeling of not feeling like you're pro enough to sell something... but for your own mental health, I also agree with Fisb.
I know from experience, having been things like a "college intern", working for free, or offering artwork to people before I felt I had enough credentials to make money at it, that it's hard to suddenly convince someone to pay you (when you start feeling like you're worth it) when they've been getting it for free all this time.
I remember as an intern, it was easier for the company to just move on to the next eager up-and-commer who was willing to work for a pat on the back.
"Why buy the cow..."

For something like this, it might be better to start dirt cheep (like, so cheep it's practically free, and then work you way up to "changing your rates".

I've ended up feeling pretty resentful over give-aways after a while. Which sucks, because it was often for friends and it used to be something I enjoyed. ...but people start to expect it of you very quickly.

I can recall many instances (because of having made this business mistake at exactly your age) of practical strangers acting insulted because I couldn't just give them stuff. My time was valuable to me. ...and it wasn't just things like a little sketch, it was stuff like hand-sewn toys and portraits and logos. It got rediculous.

When you start out this way, it's easy for the whole thing to get slowly twisted around by a [possibly well meaning] individual who thinks they're giving you a foot-in-the-door or your "big break" to make you end up feeling like you owe THEM, for the opportunity.

I ended up doing a lot of free work out of guilt (Because I did it for free for that last guy... etc.)

You could always privately tell an individual, "pssst! For you, I'll do this one for free!", work up your portfolio that way, but the general public wouldn't expect the freebies. Instead it can be a nice surprise for each individual, which might get them to come back next time... but not expecting that you'll always give things away. It was just one special treat.)

That's my little burp, from what experience I've had.


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