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Default Petition for 2008 Festival (please sign to be sent to offices)

No, the South Street Seaport Street Performer Program still exists. See this link for how the program continued after 9/11.


Please show your support for a planned festival in 2008: (add your signature)

To The South Street Seaport Management Office
19 Fulton Street
2nd Floor
New York New York 10038

The South Street Seaport Performance Artists hosted a weekend festival from June 15th through 18th, 2005. The festival was affiliated with LOMA (Lower Manhattan Marketing Association), and was included as part of an event series throughout lower Manhattan.

We are writing this letter to establish this successful event as an annual festival to celebrate the South Street Seaport Street Performer program.

"A street performer, or busker, is one who presents an act for tips on the city streets. It has been a part of street life in New York, including the downtown area, since colonial times. The street performer program has entertained and delighted the estimated 10,000,000 annual visitors of the Seaport for over 20 years. Our festival will include over 35 acts from the South Street Performer roster, successful artists that have participated in the program, and invited performers."

Many well known variety acts began their career as street performers, which is one of the hallmarks of a free society. For these great performers, it was a place to develop their act, and quite a few were not very good when they started. For some it has been a place to develop and hone their craft, and for others it is a way of life by choice. We hope that the Seaport continues to foster the supportive atmosphere which allows performers to grow.

This festival proposal will provide a structured and organized weekend event coordinated with the Standard street performer locations. A concentrated information area on the Pier Apron and Festival Stage also highlights the work and promote the artists with information and announcements, in collaboration with patrons and sponsors of the event.

There are many annual festivals on General Growth Properties with similar programs.

We hope to work with the management offices to make this festival, modeled after the June 2005 Street Performance Festival, an annual celebration of these South Street Seaport, New York City artists.

Josh Weiner, Buskers Hall of Fame, Seaport 2005
Yogi Lazer, South Street Seaport Performer
Bethany Wild, Buskers Hall of Fame 2006
Nancy Lyon, Artist, Buskers Hall of Fame 2005
Magic Brian, Buskers Hall of Fame 2006
Julio "Klown" Santiago, Performer
USA Breakdancers, Performers
Frank Douglas, Performer, United States
Margot, Garite the Mime, South Street Seaport Performer
Brian Harger, Balloonscapes, South Street Seaport Performer
Alan Eisenstein, South Street Seaport Performer
Nicholas Flair, Performer
Jerry Bregman, Attorney
Dallas the Fire Guy, Performer
Anne Timmins, Artist, Pan Asian Repertory Theater
Carol Miyamoto, Retired Teacher
Irina Filatova, face-painter
Jeff Mosche, Busker
Jennifer Dinoia, Director, Performer
Derrick Summers, Worker, Parent

(please post to this thread as artist or support of this proposal. thanks. - Josh)
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