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Default Is it ethical or even just polite

There is a pavement art "festival???" in Sydney that is promoting itself using the works of its participating artists without crediting them for their work and it worries me.

Firstly, it is a pavement art CONTEST, not a festival, that contracts 2 artists each year and then tries to attract entries (last year about 20) to fill the rest of the event. It has advertised for participants here on At last year's event, which I attended as a spectator, I was quite interested to note that hundreds of school children were being invited to attend workshops absolutely identical to workshops conceived by me for Chalk Circle in 1989 and run by a no longer practicing p.artist artist that was a member of of Chalk Circle until 1995. Despite the fact that there are about 15 deserving, practising p.artists in Aust, the same 2 artists are the only ones who have been contracted in 3 years.

This doesn't worry me much but what does piss me off is the emails I get inviting me to participate/enter which contain beautiful artwork by the contestants that are not credited properly. Photos of finished artworks by contestants are regularly used without titles and credits to the artist who created the work.

We all agree to let a festival use a photos of us to to promote the event but there is a distinct difference from a photo of Nick Nickolas or the Moth Head doing his show in front of a great crowd and one of a finished pavement art piece. One is only a grab of the moment and the other is the complete concept encompassing days of work.

Would anyone here accept the use of their work, in its entirety, being widely distributed to promote a so-called festival without even a simple polite credit attached to the promo image?

I would really appreciate opinions.
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