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"all participating artists sign a release which makes it legal for CTW to use their image for promotion. I have additionally asked for a byline on the reproduction of my artworks.. I produce the work as a performance, but I do also claim copyright of the image and create and sell prints of my artwork, so these issues are important to me.. "

A performer can provide a contract that they have drawn up ensuring that they get due credit for their work that is photographed by organisers. Contracts are not a case of an organiser/hirer etc. presenting their contract; it should be a negotiable situation with a rejoinder [if needed] by the performer that the performer has his/her requirements as stated in his/her performer's contract.
If the organisers of an event don't like the performer's contract, then don't perform for them.
All this is open to negotiation by both parties.

I'm amazed at how many competitions newspapers, businesses etc run for photographs of beautiful scenes etc and the reward is that 2 or 3 people win a flash camera [costs the newspaper etc. maybe $10,000 all up] and in return all the photographs entered in the competiton become the property and use of the newspaper etc. I would not give away my best photographs like that! Same goes for TV stations who want watchers to send in free news items/videos, just for the idea that the person gets their name mentioned in relation to what they submitted, if at all.
When I offered a photo of a triple rainbow to a TV station, I had my contract that they would have to agree to in order to use the photo. They didn't contact me, so I assume they didn't like my terms and conditions. I was no worse off than if they had used my photo.
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