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Originally Posted by Irina View Post
I did not mean making money there, just should we even go there as performers? I have a lot of people asking me lately if I paint faces at OWS, as some folks at these rallies want to conceal their identity... I wonder if folks are scared to loose their jobs in big corporations or banks? Is it that dangerous to be a part of it? Can you get arrested? I usually stay away from politics, but OWS seems like a really great movement...I was a kid in Russia in 60s, missed the whole era, and OWS has similar vibe.... I love "out-of-60s" gigs like Oregon Country Fair or EarthDance, but they are just "peace-love and happiness" events, I was never involved in any political movements or confrontations.

Protests are always risky, whether it's here, in Russia, China, or even Canada. To quote songwriter Kris Kristofferson, "Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose", meaning that the people with the least to lose are more likely to take the bigger risks.

If you make your living as a busker or in some other way that doesn't require you to show up at an office or be a "fine upstanding citizen" I'd say go ahead and do the OWS thing. If you get arrested that's probably not that big a deal as the charges are usually dropped after you spend the night in jail. (Basically the authorities are just trying to get people off the street and don't seriously intend to press charges.)

However, as happened in Oakland, sometimes you get hit with a tear gas canister, rubber bullets (which can hurt!), or you get run over by a police car or injured by a fellow demonstrator. Here's some footage about the Oakland protest from a few days ago:

So, it's your decision whether you want to be a part of history or stay home. But being a part of history can mean getting injured or killed. It does happen, remember.
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