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Not that anybody cares, but as of last night I retired as co-producer of the Windsor Buskerfest. It was an amicable departure and Ken Brandes and I will always be good friends (and lovers).
The reason I quit was because I found myself stuck between two ideals. My true allegiance is to the truly great performers of this world (me) and being a festival organizer came into conflict with that ideal once again. What is best for the fest is not always best for an individual act (right, Davio?).
Over the three years I did the festival I tried as best I could to be what I thought a festival organizer should be and always attempted to put the performers (Alakazam’s) needs first. It was not an easy job, to say the least, to be fair across the board with the scheduling but I honestly did the best I could (no matter what Glenn Singer may tell you).
So, I say goodbye to all my Windsor fans and friends (in wheelchairs), and “Thanks” to all my former friends in the street performer community who I haven’t worked well with over the years (Bill Ferguson).
It was a helluva ride.
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