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"What is unbelievable to me, is that all the festivals are getting us all at such a dirt cheap price..................... Occasionally, an organizer/producer has to make an agreement with an act........... "

Yea, I remember thinking similar thoughts with regard to Canadian Folk Festivals in the '70's-80's; not just how little the artists accepted, but also how they often were "mistreated and disrespected" repeatedly by some producers and Festivals.....yet they still came back when invited. These are 2 separate issues however.

In Edmonton I always had less $$$ than I wanted, or was "fair". I had to try to make "it" happen with what I had, and yes some folks sometimes got more or less than others, no one got enough.........that was my reality.
Just as I excercised the options to invite, the artists had the choice of accepting or rejecting the offered deal.

With regard to being disrespected........I'm still blown away by the vast majority of artists who accept invites and unconscionable "deals" from Fests that they know are taking advantage of them. Why don't they just say NO??

I assume that your experiences in Windsor, although sometimes trying and frustrating, were still worthwhile on several levels.

Since mid-August I've been back in Thailand and living with a 10 minute computer connection limit (after which I'm automaticly cut off on my apt. phone system), hence [I do like to use that word occasionally] my surfin' is limited. I've recently started to occasionally read this forum and have for the most part enjoyed what I've seen. I've gotten a kick out of seeing posts from Peter Voice, Taxi Boy, Em, Martin, Young, Nick, You and a few others.
If this post gets through (I'm still a computer weenie), I expect you'll hear more from this guy in the future.

Back to the topic........Flyboy, I'm sorry you couldn't cut it as a producer, but I ask you to think positively and realize that you can now put your considerable energy into a more needed and long neglected facet of your life: improving your show.

Keep up the good fight.

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