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Strong material - is the video reflecting your style as strongly as it could? Right now, the photos say "WACKY!", the music says "medium wacky", the verbals say "relaxed wacky", and the editing says "comatose". Do you want to reflect a relaxed, personally-connected style or a high-energy style? Either are a great choice, but if you go for the former, maybe a new music choice; if the latter, maybe shorter cuts as per below.

You're very funny - why are you a "comedy superhero"? Would love to see more of that hook, it's a great, catchy phrase.

Pictures good but it opens like a slide show. What if you got one or two higher-footage-quality video clips and opened with them?

Captions not always legible over video - maybe another color?

Too long. I felt my button pop at 1:21.

Is there music in the show? The music becomes slightly annoying because it doesn't sound like it's the actual sound and it stays the same. What if the music was "connector" music over the quotes on a black background between clips? Bring up the volume then and take it out/down on the talking bits?

With all the clips, can you get in later and get out earlier? Like, bring us in right before the peak of action or comedy and cut away before we're done laughing?

It's very verbal - seeing the pictures didn't add much to hearing the sound.

Why do you end with a music credit rather than your contact info?

Long black screen before music credit.

Great font for your name. Can your other visual captions be as strong a stylistic choice as that one?

Thanks, I enjoyed seeing your work!

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