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Thanks for the input. Some of the advice is helpful. I find it particularly humorous to be told that my title of 'Comedy Superhero' is "childish, pretentious, ridiculous, and untrue" by someone whose location is listed as "The Inner Bowels of Roseanne Barr." Which in comparison is very classy, funny, timely, and obviously true.

I did take some of the advice from both comments and put it together on this link. It's not done yet, I plan on tweaking quite a few things.

In response to some of the comments...I don't think the contact info is distracting, most television channels have their logo on the bottom corner. I dropped the music down (doesn't music on a promo video help tie the whole thing together, like a soundtrack?), cut the time by about 25 sec, lost some quotes, moved some quotes, cut the "racist" joke (how is that racist?-maybe you meant funny), and uploaded it in better quality.
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