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That's what I love about you Eric, I always feel so sane and balanced next to you.

Arthur - this version makes me think "funny" "clever" "verbal-heavy comedy". The footage is faster paced and more exciting. My "time's up!" moment came at 2:21, but I do think you need a longer promo in general because it's word heavy. What if all the balloon jokes were a mini-montage together?

The music is better but drops out in a couple of odd places. Sorry to not be more specific, I'm heading to rehearsal.

like how it ends strong with you.

Quotes better.

My main concern - if I was your agent - would be that you don't look "expensive". If your market is mid-range, you're bang-on. If you want to be marketing for a higher-end client (and i think your material is smooth enough to do that) it may be worth it to later make a new promo with purpose-shot footage of higher quality in a more expensive-looking setting and a pricier costume (like a really sharp suit). However, this seems fine for mid-range bookings, maybe take one more pass to tighten it up. Right now, your logo is the most sharp/expensive part.

Thanks for sharing!

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