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"most television channels have their logo on the bottom corner"

Don't compare yourself to what other people have done. Ask yourself if what YOU'VE done looks good. I'm designing my own website right now and I've been looking around at other performer's websites to see what they've done. The trend I notice is that a lot of people seem to take a lot of trouble to make something that looks like a website. You shouldn't be focused on making your website look like a website, it's on the internet, people will get that part on their own. You should be focused on making it look good in its own right.

I think the same applies here. Don't focus on making something that looks like a promo video. Make something that looks good. Just because TV stations put the logo there doesn't make it right or good. It just means that's what they do.

Just a little insight you gave me. Carry on about your business.

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