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You can disagree with me all you like, you're still wrong. And you're barking up the wrong tree. You got some PRICELESS help with your video, you shouldn't bitch.

And NO, they're not "known for doing rain dances" any more than black people are known for eating chicken. They ARE known for scalping mouthy button eyes though. Did you even fucking read what I wrote? Don't bother arguing with me, seriously, you'll lose, trust me on that paleface. I mean, for real. Trust me. I've been being nice.

It's all good where your footage was filmed, and what you think it looks like, and how you feel about it zoomed in or out, and all that. It still looks low rent. Sorry. That isn't going to change.

Yes, the jokes do reflect more of your personality and humor. You're right, but the video needs to go UP, if you don't have more tricks with more energy, then just trust me, and clip it after the cabbage. Your jokes, humor, and mugging are all pretty good, but a promo is still an ad, people don't want to watch a show, they just want enough info to know whether or not they should book you. You have them at 1:30, and then it still keeps going. I'd actually say just clip it. At that point, I have a definite sense that you are capable, funny, and likeable. Why bother pushing it, really?

If you have more footage, where you're doing stuff, more high energy, that really would ramp the video up, put that there, if not, I'm actually all for a really short vid. It's better to clip it rather than lose the energy.

And videos of me won't help you. I work raw street and comedy clubs. I know my shit, but I don't try to work cruise ships, I'm a loudmouth ass that forges my own trail. Looking at what I do will teach you exactly how NOT to do it.

You REALLY want to see what I do? Buy my track from Left Coast Comedy on iTunes.


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