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I don't find that joke racist. It's stereotypical, but stereotypical is not the same as racist. Eric seems too close to the issue to see clearly here.
I'm Australian, I wouldn't find it racist if someone told me to 'throw another shrimp on the barby'.
Eric, you're American, would you really think it would be racist if someone said to you 'hey man, it's just a joke, don't shoot me'. It's a stereotype that a lot of Americans have guns, but it's not racist to imply that.

It's a stereotype that Germans don't have a sense of humour, it's not racist to say it or imply it.
My dad is Scottish and I don't find it racist when I here yet another joke about Scots being cheap.

I think the video is looking good now after you've made the changes based on good advice. I know that everyone wants their video perfect, but you would be constantly changing it and never get to sending it out.
Stick with what you now have, it's a lot better than most that come to my attention.
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