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I agree that starting with one-liners and going to jokes with longer set-ups makes the video seem longer than it is; either re-arrange them or cut all but the two or three very best.spam

The client montage feels a little long, too. By the time it gets to the third picture, I was feeling like, "Ok, we've got it--you've worked for a lot of people". Also, if the photos are important enuf to include in the video, don't cover them up with the logos; if they're not, cut the photos and make the client montage shorter.spam

Although the balloon jokes both get a good response, they are essentially the same gag--I'm gonna make a balloon animal, but not the one you think I am. Cut the first and keep the swan; it's shorter and still makes your point. In general I agree with Eric that once you've shown the client what you want to show them, don't show them again; it makes the video seem long.

Maybe a little more audio bleed into and out of the quote screens would help pacing. spam

And while Eric admitted that the Indian joke is a hot button for him, and Gav is probably right that he's too close to the topic, it's probably true, for all of us, that even a funny joke at the expense of an absent minority runs the risk of making you look like a bully. But that really has nothing to do with the video, I suppose.

I think you're material and audience interractions are really good and I'd be interested in seeing your show sometime.

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