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Video Quality:

It's weird about the video quality, it kind of looks like the camera focused on the back curtain, because everything except you looks pretty good. When I look at your face I see soft edges with bleeding colors, but the back curtain and you prop case looks better. I can also tell that the camera was taking exposure off the back curtain, because you were over exposed, which will make colors bleed in facial details. To get proper exposure you kind of need to hire a pro.

HD doesn't really mean that much. My duo show's promo video was filmed with an older camera that was NOT HD, and the footage looks better than yours... it just had a pro behind it who knew how to use it*

Use what you have for now, nobody would be critical of the video quality if we thought you sucked and were only good for retirement homes and kiddie parties.

*(my showoff show promo video is not what I wanted it to be and I am not submitting it as an example of a good promo vid, just reasonably good image quality)

everything else has already been said.

P.S. There is no need to defend yourself against any critiques posted here, take what you want and leave the rest with a smile.

P.P.S. I used to hang out with you at the juggling festival in Columbia MO.

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